The World’s most efficient organisations rely on assessment tools to enhance their performance.  These tools allow people managers to pinpoint areas of weakness and focus on placing “aces in the right places”.

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 Recruiting the right people is where it all starts and the world’s fastest growing assessment system, Extended DISC, has developed a quick, easy and cost effective method of assessing an applicant’s natural behavioural style.  The ten-minute questionnaire does not assess a person’s intelligence (there is a separate tool for this process) nor does it classify people as “bad” or “good”.  It provides a comprehensive report in less than ten minutes detailing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, motivators and fears.  It provides a summary of development areas and helps match people to their ideal role in an organisation.

The whole exercise is completed while the interview takes place and the report is available at the initial meeting for discussion between the applicant and the interviewer.

A database of personal assessments of all personnel then enables the building of profiles for teams, departments, divisions, and whole organisations.  The Exten

Extended DISC products are used worldwide in regular appraisal processes and businessded DISC system can provide different

reporting options, including, “work pair analysis”, “team analysis”, “job analysis” and even a 360° appraisal approach which enables individuals to be assessed by their peers.

development assignments.  Recruitment is just the beginning of the process of building and maintaining “aces in the right places”.

An assessment should be a company’s first step on the organisational

development path.  For more details of assessments call 1800 768 569 in Australia, and everywhere else +61 3103 0177 and/or visit www.TalentTools.com.au



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