Don’t leave selection to chance

At a recent business event speaker Allan Watkinson (from Gallup Australia) stated that “Employee selection at all levels is the most important element to get right in order to improve engagement.”

This is so true. The fact is that you will pay, in both time and money, for employee selection. In some cases pay dearly.

The question is, do you pay for it upfront, putting effort and energy into ensuring the role and requirements of the position, and of the person in the position, are fully discussed, debated, defined and agreed to by all stakeholders before proceeding with the

Maximising Your Strengths as a Manager Workshop

recruitment endeavour; or do you put in effort and energy down the track in micro supervision, repetitive re-work and performance management, and possibly separation endeavours. And then repeat the same exercise with the next appointment.?

“You can never invest too much in that recruitment process. That’s number one. ” says Allan. “One way we do it with organisations is actually helping and studying the best performers in a role and finding more people like them [and] being very systematic and scientific about how you find your people.”

The Talent Lab is all about systematic and scientifically enhanced employee engagement and wellbeing – turning talent into performance at work – leading to enhanced productivity. And, it all starts with employee selection.

First, study and analyise your  Current State of Play (CSP) to diagnose and determine the impacting role and environmental success factors to provide a position and person template.

The template becomes the basis for the entire recruitment and selection process, onboarding, training and development analysis and ongoing performance management for the role.


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