5 Tips from craftsmanship for 360 degree initiatives

360 reviews and training at Talent Tools360s are a powerful tool, with tremendous potential in improving performance at the individual, team and organisational levels. However, like all tools, the results of their use are very much dependent on the skill of the craftsman/woman.

Often a poor result is blamed on the tool, and a good one on the craftsman. How would the outcome be affected if the craftsman designed and perfected a tool, specifically to achieve the desired result?

To perfect the tool, the craftsman needs to have a clear picture of t

he desired result, together with, the approach they will employ to achieve it; as this will impact the way the tool is usedĀ and what its design needs to accommodate.

Another possible cause of poor outcomes can be the process of implementation. The craftsman/woman know what has to be done, how it has to be done, and in what order it has to be done and who else needs to be involved (and how) to produce the result.

No craftsman/woman commences without a plan. Yet many 360 initiatives are instigated as soon as a questionnaire is chosen and with a vague idea of the desired outcome.

Tip # 1360 reviews and training at Talent Tools


Be crystal clear on what outcome is desired

Tip # 2
Ensure the tool (questionnaire/instrument) you use is capable to achieving the desired outcome

Tip #3
Develop a comprehensive project plan BEFORE beginning

Tip #4
Identify, and communicate the desired outcome to all the stakeholders TipĀ 

Evaluate as you progress through each state of the initiative and adjust your plan, and document the changes, accordingly as you proceed. This will provide you with a revised and improved plan for the next 360 initiative.

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