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Conduct your own 360 degree feedback/review – You’ve got to be kidding!

No, actually, I’m not. 360 reviews and training at Talent ToolsUsed well, 360 initiatives can improve the person’s influence and promotional opportunities.

Regardless of your position or role in the organisation it is important to understand how you are perceived by others (your boss, your boss’s boss, your team, peers and customers – internal and/or external).  Do you know how these people perceive your effectiveness, strengths, non-strengths and how they gauge your potential?

If have any interest in moving up, sideways, or to another location within your current organisation now, or into the future, then knowing how you are currently perceived has to be an imperative.

Why would I conduct my own 360 degree feedback/review exercise?

If you are planning your next career move, your 360 report could be:360 reviews and training at Talent Tools

  • your most valuable professional asset
  • a career move readiness assessment
  • the foundation of your strategic career plan

You are ready to make a career move (internally or externally) and want verifiable evidence of your performance and potential to endorse and support your application for your next role. If this is the case, then your 360 review report could be your most valuable professional asset.

When your report reflects stellar performance and potential as perceived by your assessors then it is likely your most valuable professional asset. Your 360 degree report is a professionally obtained and presented summation of verifiable, relevant and current, work references.

How many people do you know who can walk into an interview and provide the panel with documentary evidence of their outstanding performance, as perceived by a range of assessors, in a range of environmental settings, and over a period of time?

Finding out how you are currently perceived within your organisation can inform your decision of when to make your move and/or what you need to “work on” before you put up your hand.

When you conduct your own 360 process you have control (and pay the invoice). You choose the questions, invite the raters you want to take part, you receive and own the report and decide who to share it with. My next post will explore ensuring the qustionnaire will provide the information you require.

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